TR Extended Map [1.39.x]

V 1.2.2 Mod für Eurotruck Simulator 2

TR Extended Map Mod Istanbul Edition will have the following main features and contents for drivers to explore:

✓ Over 1000 kilometers of roads to drive on

✓ Many new models

✓ More than 500 new traffic signs

✓ More companies in Istanbul to work for

✓ Rebuilt intersections

✓ Northern Marmara Motorway

✓ Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge

✓ Villages on the Anatolian and European sides

✓ New motorway service areas.

✓ Istanbul Airport

✓ Ambarlı Port

✓ New districts

✓ Tuyap Building and TV tower

✓ New motorway tunnels

✓ Ambarlı-Trieste ferry connection (for Promods users)


Modell: bona34
Textur: bona34
Script: bona34
Idee / Konzept: bona34
Tester: bona34
Sonstige: bona34

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