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Case Magnum MX200 Series v2

* Modification management *

With the mouse – Doors, rotating lamps on the rear wings

* Modification errors *

Log a few errors

* Advantages of modification *

Gps computer (only with GPS mod)

Removes Mudguards

Trelleborg and Michelin tires

Rotate the lamps on the rear wings at any angle

Weights change

Led lamps

Full cab lighting

Passenger script

* Author of modification *

KarlFarms, NEFG Modding, UNorny, Edit TeoR

* Modification assessment *




*Additional information*

Good tractor 3 engine choices, led lamps, puts on a weight bow with led lamps, powerful tractor, transitional model.

Credits: Model: KarlFarms, NEFG Modding, UNorny
Texture: KarlFarms, NEFG Modding, UNorny
Script:KarlFarms, NEFG Modding, UNorny TeoR
Idea / Concept: KarlFarms, NEFG Modding, UNorny TeoR
Testing:KarlFarms, NEFG Modding, UNorny TeoR
Other: KarlFarms, NEFG Modding, UNorny, TeoR

Download: Case Magnum MX200 v2  94,1 MB
Version: 1.0

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